'Flow'- Installation at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2007

The exhibition ‘Flow’ focused on the need of the individual to save water as climate change and population growth created a water shortage in Brisbane.

Like water, gelatin can support life. Gelatin captures water and transforms it from its flowing, moving nature and transforms it into a solid shape that fills space. My gelatin sculptures represent our sense of loss, and express our need to control the flow of water in our lives.

The sculptures took on the shapes of the containers that they filled, containers that we use to capture and contain water for our every day uses. They solidified the liquids that would normally escape down the plug hole and out of our lives.

On opening night the gelatin sculptures began as solid shapes. they had text relating to the subject of water loss printed on their slippery, shiny surfaces.

Through a process of alchemy the immature gelatin sculptures transformed and eroded with the application of heat. They pooled, wilted, and dripped down into other shapes that expressed our lament.  

This metamorphosis took place over the five week period of the exhibition.